Welcome to my Morrowind fansite

My name is Morrodict and I'm a Morrowind addict.

I loooooooove playing Morrowind and I spent countless hours in it's magnificent world. On this fansite I will write about my Morrowind playthroughs, about mods I'm playing, about Morrowind modders, Morrowind fanart etc.


Going to the various quests, exploring the alien lands, collecting various artifacts and unique items and organizing them and trying to make a perfect home - these are some of the things I love about this game. And with all the mods that are coming out all the time, it feels I could play this game forever. :)

What do I do when I don't play Morrowind

Watching Morrowind Modding Showcases and searching for new mods of course. I also love spending time on various Reddit Morrowind pages and exploring the personal blogs of different Morrowind modders. It's so fun!

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